Currently Reporting for the Northwest Herald in Chicagoland

Links to Published Work


The Latino Caucus’ Push for Police Reform and Evictions Protection- Published in Chicago Mundo Hoy, August 2020

Chicago Scrambles to Provide Second Language Materials on Coronavirus- Published in Chicago Mundo Hoy, April 2020

A Robot’s Guide to Chicago– Published in Newcity Magazine, October 2019

Greenhouse Classes Vs. Greenhouse Gases- Published in Modern Farmer Magazine, September 2019

An Interview With Engineer Chris Wolverton– Published in Helix Magazine, June 2019

The “Lake Mafia” Who Study Climate Change– Published in Medill’s Climate Change site, December 2018

Evanston’s Climate Action Plan Adoption– Published in Medill Reports, December 2018

Michael Bloomberg’s Business-Friendly Solution for Climate Change– Published in Medill Reports, October 2018

Covering the Global Climate Action Summit– Published in Planet Forward, September 2018

Onya’s Korean Adventure– Published in Eclectica Magazine, July/August, 2018

The Three House Visitors of Jeju Island- Published in Storgy Magazine, May 9, 2018

An Interview with the Environmental Voter Project’s Nathaniel Stinnett– Published in Jewish Currents, April 12, 2018

Too Soon for Geoengineering?– Published in Jewish Currents, March 7, 2018

#MeToo, Said Mother Earth– Published in Jewish Currents, January 31, 2018

Work Samples with The American Gardener, Jan/Feb 2018 Issue

Work Samples with The American Gardener, Nov/Dec 2017 Issue

Criticism of the EPA and Media Coverage– Published in Jewish Currents, October 1, 2017

Some Jewish Pessimism For Al Gore– Published in Jewish Currents, August 5, 2017

Electric Cars in NY– Originally published in the Times Union on November 6, 2015

Getting Mugged in Barcelona– Published in Clever Magazine Summer 2012

Seashell Museum Review – Published in the Jeju Weekly Fall 2011

All my work for the Legislative Gazette (Albany NY), Winter 2010 Currently Unavailable


Welcome to the Arctic Wonderland!– A Guide to Climate Change on the North Pole/Arctic Circle (including narwhals) created for Intermediate ESL students (of all ages), first presented Summer 2015

Other Published Work

Published Spring 2018- Selected Articles for “Environmental Health in the 21st Century: From Air Pollution to Zoonotic Diseases”  (ABC-CLIO Press)

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